We regret to inform you that Alive & Kicking is on temporary hiatus. We will leave the board open to current members so that writers can finish their threads. Thank you to everyone who wrote with and supported us! <3

    Alive and Kicking is a PBP roleplay board set in 1984 in a fictional town called Mystic Lake, a small New Jersey town, full of strange happenings and mysterious disappearances. You must be 18+ to RP here. Here are some quick links to our site rules and plot.

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    The current In-character season is FALL 1984.

  • Here's a quick guide to getting started on Alive and Kicking:

    1. There’s not a huge amount of stuff to read on the site, but make sure you read the site rules, plot, member group info, and chat rules. The rest is gravy!

    2. Set up your OOC account first. Then once you've made your OOC account, you’ll want to make your first character account, and link the two accounts in your Control Panel.

    3. Next, grab this template here, and apply for a character. Post your app in the Application Forum when it’s done, and an Admin will review it. WIP apps are allowed as well, just bump the app once it's finished so that we know it's ready. The review process generally takes 24-48 hours.

    4. Once your character is accepted, link your application to your mini-profile for easy access. Then throw up a plotter, or hit up others' plotters so that members can start threading with you. Some of our plotting takes place in our Discord, so feel free to join us there!

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